The misshapen dialect of a contradictory source engine

The misshapen dialect of a contradictory source engine

C’mon as it is less inclined to reap the benefits of the right of challenge the stakes are higher- the sword drawn, the dagger raised. I don’t recognise. The constituents of cogs in the grand old machine turned; replicating their products as they crowned. And light like dissipated matter would run through the veins of the machine like open clotting wounds shedding.
Shedding- Ripping the dry halo from the body of stinking wet wings.
Flap Flapping with the motion of atoms. Forget what I’ve done to you.
Those ingredients that come closest to eternal life, to the eternal now constrained in a fluid ounce that bubbles beneath the surface machine.
The apparatus creams
The dreams succinct in the device- centred specifically within the circle; radius arms receiving data congruently. Take it to the grave. A tiny cog cowers and shrills in the pulsating river of the droning mechanism. Lesser lessening as the beat of the turn comes into contact with the rapidity of velocity- smashing hard against the modern materials that collide with each circumferential spin. Oh Jesus. And hastily the step increases, the beat thumps like a monstrous foot treading water.
Impulses are generating- electric currents dodging membranous walls with swift cuts through stirring air. The critical idiom of the design stale in the sunlight. A Jackal to that white star sited on the blanket blue sky.
Simultaneously the dynamos crash and numerically articulate themselves to create a whole- one- rolling into itself.
Nautical miles wasted
Unfamiliar terrain tasted- spitted- cyclical spindle. Automatically the constituents clean each other albeit unnecessary a pathetic preen.
Sexless gene
Data seams viewed and threaded on that constant line spun as though silk to the wheels giving emphasis to motion in the moveable parts. Operational- the central motorized deity is shaking with alacrity conducting heat heavy sickly stain to wet walls.
Sweet roof of the mouth of the engine machine; a tacky gape of liquid weeping hot- Salt throat burn- this is a sacrifice.

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