The words and the Effigy

Process video stills: Tera in The Effigy 


the perfect seed

weightless she, permeating through a fold
dispersing the saliva of a postmodern toad
burnt acid in his magnet mold
and therein resides a scene to decode
retching gallons
of water gushing down a moonlit road
gallons ethereal
from the glowing hands of miniature souls

blue stepping wild
in the wet caverns of descent

shelter 0.0


I was away. I had returned. I had gone on to live my usual life as normal, as if nothing had changed, but I soon became aware that my room had transformed into a dank and dark agora. A kind of space set aside for Black Magic or witches gatherings and rituals. There were spider webs all around me, intricately woven and mammoth in size. In a split second it had all became visible.  Astonishing fabricated nests of sticks  suspended in the middle of the webs, not dissimilar to contemporary outlandish tree houses. Those spiders lurking amongst it all, those spiders… they were my friends. They were everyone I knew. They were the cat. They were the lover, the mother, and you.

The light was dim but I was unsure whether or not night had begun. And I was cautious of something, of everything that was around me. Stillness and stagnation like a wet carpet stench bruised the air.

hansel and gretel eat sandwiches [+ extras]

Okay so here’s a little tale for y’all..


And on an entirely different note:

The Bare Room

As we sat by the fire, the light hit the markings on the wall with an incandescent beauty that shook me to the core. There were fireflies and radio frequencies jolting through the air at incredible speeds and I could not contain my disbelief.
By the hour hand striking midnight, there was a quiet about the land, a long and solemn humming came from below us. I looked to the direction of the yard keeper and he stared blankly back at me with a radiant glow of misunderstanding. I decided to pursue the sound as it was beginning to cause a discomfort in my bowels.

I reached below into the dark crevice beneath the loose plank in the floorboards. In there I found a key, and as I poked my head in farther I saw a light shining in the distance; the kind of light from a stagnant television screen that sends rays ricocheting off panes of glass. I stooped down low to get a better look. And I felt my body become fluid form, all moist and wet to touch, my bone liquefied and my insides putty-like. I fed myself through the crevice into a dim corridor with nothing but this lingering blue-white light and the incessant hum. My body restored itself to its original form.

But how was it that I were just one moment ago looking into a tiny opening? The liquefaction must have played with my body’s capacity to heal itself and in turn affected my proportions. ‘It is not humanly possible for me to be here’ I thought. And so I carried on and I wondered at what my friends may be doing on this Friday’s eve at the height of their youth in the summer night’s air.

I struggled through the corridor, as my feet squished against the hard wood floor with each step and the dust became too much to bear, I was covered in it with traces of soot and slime from god knows where. The key nudged at me from within my grasp, I stopped right there in the centre of the corridor and gazed down at my hand. I opened my tightened grasp and looked down at the key. The stark artificial light beamed off its squirming movements and I felt as if I were holding a child, so fragile and young. Squirming as if it had just been born and not yet opened its eyes to the welcoming sun, it reminded me of a kitten I had once held whose body was still warm from the womb and whose agony was present only through its poignant movements.
I stood there motionless not knowing what to do, I felt as if it were crying and screaming out at me or for me but there was not a sound about, save that humming still rumbling through the corridors great gut. How shall I comfort you young one?

I felt a single tear run down the left side of my face, down my chin onto my neck and straight to my bosom to be nurtured by the beating of my heart. And it beat rapidly. And the hum propelled it to beat and to beat and to beat some more. From behind eyes like new live wires, I looked ahead between the dust dressed walls, the fright had settled into my being like a warm glass of milk. Acquainting itself with the new surroundings of my human form, I could feel it dwelling there but it was foreign to me and it did not belong as it twisted and turned in my core. I begged for freedom from that feeling, I begged for freedom from it all.

I hurled myself forward to continue on