sleep – altered states


Many things a’go at once .. I guess.. always starting. always getting distracte…. that’s okay though.. all in time.

I had forgotten how much my sense of space on a flat surface is altered when I’m stoned… I forgot how much time I spent stoned and drawing and listening and observing as a teenager.  I heard I don’t smoke anymore. I heard I had a lil last night with sleep’s dopesmoker… probably a good thing that this started on a long drive earlier in the day with a pencil (half of it still reminiscent of that other state) I would have got so lost in it if I had been using the usual micro pen. Perhaps such traits are only visible from my eyes though. Whatever. Don’t think I’ll finish this one… maybe it’s already finished… maybe I’ll look at it again some other time with different eyes.

the nature of meditation