The words and the Effigy

Process video stills: Tera in The Effigy 




Cicada Dance

I miss the to and fro
I miss the tendril wrap
the breathing glow.
I miss the winter dew as it sits, still
above waters at twilight.
I miss the sands as they seep,
sweeping like creepers beneath my fingertips against the monument.
I miss the way the wind moves,
churning mortar
that hit rocks like a man treading water,
before me.
Poised to slaughter.

I miss the monks
and the hunks
and the cystalline funk in the trunk of your mean machine.
But it’s all gravy baby,
cherry pie glaze ‘bove a sand granade.
Cos I did love you daisy,
love the wings that lift upward there – that seize haze bare.
Love the dirt chunks
the synaptic cunt.


FACE TEST (Elements of a social being) from Junkgarden on Vimeo.

Everything crashed. 2 days before a grant application was due my PC was half dead… factory settings… no more programs.. couldn’t even scan on a freakin document cos my multifunction centre program couldn’t be found. But at least my data is still alive. Thank goodness for skydrive. Slowly building up from scratch on this disheveled laptop ala 2007. To think of the changes I have gone through since then… I am surprised this laptop has survived… but somehow miraculously so have I so at least we both share that in common. Opensource programming for the win! I haven’t been able to edit videos in years.. and here I am again (kinda… sorta extisting in an in-between space where windows keep crashing).

My o my. My washing is still wet on the line, uniform inclusive and I have to start work in half an hour. Uh-oh. But now I have a house which is more than I could’ve said in the last few months.  Suppose it’s all been a little strange. But strangeness is where magic is born and the future is bright and so it begins.