whoa hello colour

Some experiments – Much play! Much fun! Much good! mmmhmmm. I can use colour, I just don’t usually and I think that you (or more so I think that I) need(ed) to focus on creating images that are strong and work well without it before bringing it in to accentuate the overall thang.

Starting with the Major Arcana

after seeing the tarot experiments of Oliver Hibert, I was reminded of, for how long I have been wanting to design my own tarot deck (I also want to do it as a collaborative project with multiple artists too, but that’s a whole other venture). Anyway, so I decided that now is a better time than any. They’re not all complete yet and they’re only poor quality phone photos (have had a string of immense technical disasters but that too is an entirely different story) but you get the gist. There’s currently 2 versions of ‘the lovers’ card. I may colour them down the track but at the moment I’m focusing on contrast and chiaroscuro (haha a term I had almost forgotten, despite always using it)



Cicada Dance

I miss the to and fro
I miss the tendril wrap
the breathing glow.
I miss the winter dew as it sits, still
above waters at twilight.
I miss the sands as they seep,
sweeping like creepers beneath my fingertips against the monument.
I miss the way the wind moves,
churning mortar
that hit rocks like a man treading water,
before me.
Poised to slaughter.

I miss the monks
and the hunks
and the cystalline funk in the trunk of your mean machine.
But it’s all gravy baby,
cherry pie glaze ‘bove a sand granade.
Cos I did love you daisy,
love the wings that lift upward there – that seize haze bare.
Love the dirt chunks
the synaptic cunt.


Rot your teeth!/Lathering the seafarer/Where you wander through the ectoplasmic hieroglyph/Where you turn and breathe…
Steep/Brooding/In the cool waters of your mind/Before/Before the ball drops and the whole damn bang is/Poised on the television screen/In the house/A riot/Poised to cream/On fire/Wild/Wired/Transpired/As a child.


I have another animation sketch I wanted to post… but it seems I’ve reached my max weekly upload limit ;/ thank you internet vimeo machine god.

go fly with you


Subpar scans of a selection of sketches of gnawin gnew gnat works for upcoming group show. Come! Linger with some imgs/arts and drink/buy me drinks (cos I’m a poor khunt). However fear not! They are not all as fucked up as these shards (though still fucked up) I have some gentler ones too 😉

Clearing out… so many drawings… many cheap yar yar.. BE GONE WITH THEM. Storage aint no life for no(one/thing). If they don’t sell I will drown them in the river or force them down the throats of homeless people.

Exhibition poster by Ican Harem.