vocal expressions (minus this one exception)

this is where I put musical/sound experiments.

Oh also I did another gig poster:



Old Masks / New Relics

I had an array of sculptural materials/old art in storage, that I could store longer for various reasons. But parting with them was a very uneasy task, so I decided to birth them anew into some other form(s), use them as costumes and performance materials and document them photographically and through video. Here is a sneak peek. I have no reliable hardware at the moment so the videos will come later, digital storage is smaller… invisible.. what is it even? haha

all that we see? o please

I saw a figure staggering peciuliar in the distance and I thought “hrrm looks like Raelene from 6th grade” and as the figure drew closer I became aware that it was indeed Raelene from 6th grade. Memory is so fucking weird, I didn’t even know her, she was just another individual in my class.



whoa hello colour

Some experiments – Much play! Much fun! Much good! mmmhmmm. I can use colour, I just don’t usually and I think that you (or more so I think that I) need(ed) to focus on creating images that are strong and work well without it before bringing it in to accentuate the overall thang.

Starting with the Major Arcana

after seeing the tarot experiments of Oliver Hibert, I was reminded of, for how long I have been wanting to design my own tarot deck (I also want to do it as a collaborative project with multiple artists too, but that’s a whole other venture). Anyway, so I decided that now is a better time than any. They’re not all complete yet and they’re only poor quality phone photos (have had a string of immense technical disasters but that too is an entirely different story) but you get the gist. There’s currently 2 versions of ‘the lovers’ card. I may colour them down the track but at the moment I’m focusing on contrast and chiaroscuro (haha a term I had almost forgotten, despite always using it)