Secret Garden

The launch of Rose and Rizzy’s artist run initiative MINXAURUS* on Friday 4th September 2009 at
17d Burt St Mt Lawley Perth WA.

This one night only exhibition titled ‘Secret Garden’ was the collision of a group of emerging and experimental artists in sculpture, installation, illustration and sound. The exhibition saw a studio space transformed into a secret garden; a hideaway of sorts with phantasmagorical forms lurking in its depths.
Guests were invited to feed from the surroundings; to nibble on delectable treats meticulously sculpted by Rizzy and Natalie, take a cup and extract some tea from out of Rose and Nat’s mountain, then milk the hairy tits created by Pam. Uneasy dialogues in the sculptural video works from Korrin accentuated the outlandish environment as the wanderers took their sips and bit into their sweets gallivanting through the flora and fictitious forms.

Participating Artists:
Amanda Verschuren, Pam Boyd-Goggin, Natalie Williamson, Konja, Korrin Stoney, Rizzy and Rose Skinner.

*Minxaurus aims to help support local emerging and experimental artists by offering opportunities to exhibit in non-traditional spaces and by initiating collaborations between artists and art forms.

Logo by Korrin Stoney

Coming through Rose and Nat's Mountain Entrance

Nat's Lamps

Amanda's tables with Rizzy's scones

Pam's tits- you could milk 'em for real

Korrin's host cell in the shower

Pourin' some tea from the Ol' Mountain

Korrin's Teratoma Inside

Photographs courtesy of Tamara Bodegrajac


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