Primal Playground

An Exhibition by TiffanyMoffat, Selapaul Som, Rose Skinner and Korrin Stoney in May of 2010 at Mixtape Gallery (now known as These Days Gallery) Perth WA.

Our first attempt at creating a phantasmagorical environment littered with hybridized creatures reflecting urges, desires and core psychological states. We sought to question the nature of our frivolous human behaviour and our interactions with bodies, beings and objects in space. The works and the final installation grew organically through a combination of considered thoughts/actions from a collaborative body to create a world of intersecting narratives.

It was a week long show, that grew from the opening night, making it a progressive endeavour the whole week through. With passers-by welcome to stroll on in and check out the environment.

Working to no specifics, most of us explored sculptural and illustrative techniques of expression, approaching it playfully and instinctively. Tiffany Moffat and I produced some video and sound works to coincide with the show which added additional sensory elements to the environment. On the opening night recent music/sound explorations were provided by Laura Jane Lowther who worked in collaboration with Seylapaul Som, this I believe added a beating heart to pulsating body that was the show that night. In due time I shall try and include sound bites and video clips so as to give the viewer additional constituents in their reading of the show. But for now, I’m afraid you’ll have to make do.

I will not lie, the show was chaos for as we know, it’s a rhinoceros bitch to get 4 artists and a deadline in check.. so there was a lot of rushing going on but, I think, as a platform for experimentation, the show served us all well.

Korrin Stoney, In the doghouse, mixed media

Korrin Stoney, In the doghouse, mixed media

Korrin Stoney, In the doghouse (detail), mixed media + video

Korrin Stoney, In the doghouse (detail), mixed media + video

dronescape (primal playground) from Junkgarden on Vimeo.


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