vocal expressions (minus this one exception)

this is where I put musical/sound experiments.

Oh also I did another gig poster:


Sketches for ‘Charge’

Two of many..

Draft video tests for..

Juxtaposition of the movements of a body in a body in a body…. in a space in a space in a space…

Trapped in a host cell. There is an energy. Charging.

Charge (video Test 2) from Junkgarden on Vimeo.

Charge from Junkgarden on Vimeo.


Architectural forms are like frames or scenes that can enfold the body within their own dimensions. This fluidity and the connections between relational forms has been a particular interest. And so here we have some experiments with contracted movements in a constructed sculptural space, prefabricated and enclosed… tight and constricting around the perimeters of the body. The dancer lashes about in unease  with fluidic and anxious come hysterical motions, reminiscent of a drive for escape. Video time/space is constructed, is assembled and packaged… fixed.

thank you, Patricia Wood- Dancer