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I had been out of communicative range for awhile there, so damn refreshing. Bathing in the Blackwood – getting swept upstream – dressed in black mud and the cleanest murky water. I forget sometimes about the intensity of beauty that can cripple me at the best of times. And of the fragility in all of us, and in the abundance of love that floats around and how it aint hard to have fun and be a good doog.

Camp Doogs began as an idea in the wonderful minds of some creative Perth folk, as a low-key chill festival for good tunes and good times in a stupendously beautiful environment in the South West. I was generously invited to participate and make some art for the occasion, but by virtue of the very nature of it, it was bound to be more than just that.


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Sketches for ‘Charge’

Two of many..

Draft video tests for..

Juxtaposition of the movements of a body in a body in a body…. in a space in a space in a space…

Trapped in a host cell. There is an energy. Charging.

Charge (video Test 2) from Junkgarden on Vimeo.

Charge from Junkgarden on Vimeo.


Architectural forms are like frames or scenes that can enfold the body within their own dimensions. This fluidity and the connections between relational forms has been a particular interest. And so here we have some experiments with contracted movements in a constructed sculptural space, prefabricated and enclosed… tight and constricting around the perimeters of the body. The dancer lashes about in unease  with fluidic and anxious come hysterical motions, reminiscent of a drive for escape. Video time/space is constructed, is assembled and packaged… fixed.

thank you, Patricia Wood- Dancer


So  as I am supposedly commencing some workshops next week for this years National Graduate HATCHED exhibition at PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art) I began looking back to my time in HATCHED in 2008… then I realized… I haven’t got anything on this here site from that time. However did that happen? Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that this account didn’t exist at the time and I never got around to including it because I never really thought about it or… wanted to think about it I guess. Straight out of Art Skool I kinda wanted to leave that project (that had taken up SO much of my time) behind for  a wee awhile.. live a little.. which (sadly??… debatable) probably eventuated in many a drunken party night had… hah… or the 9 – 5… who knows?

Anyway! Here are some images cos they can do more than these clusters of letters can..

I had constructed multi-directional garments (MDGs) using extemporary actions and free association techniques. From there I based a series of performative experiments using video and photographic documention. Extempororary and free associated actions underpinned the entire project process; from the stitching of the garments and their product casings to the editing of the videos and their animated constituents as well as the construction of the sculptural dwelling. Which was present in the initial Graduate show but that couldn’t fit into the designated PICA space so it was rendered sculpturally instead to accommodate… I think this in turn became the work’s major pitfall. Largely it was, however, a process based project that investigated ways in which to manipulate the body’s movement through space and affect such processes (incl thought processes) through confusion tactics.

I wasn’t ever entirely happy with the outcome, the work I produced as part of my Graduate exhibition fulfilled me more, it was partly due to the poor curation that had 2 (mine and another fellow graduates work) engaging originally large-scale installations situated in a narrow thoroughfare on the top floor of the gallery… but also as I said I was kinda over the project by the time. Perhaps due to my own excessive exposure to structuralist and post structuralist theory… perhaps I just confused the fuck out of myself by the end of it… haha… maybe… maybe not… Unintentional intentions.

Why haven’t I included the video? … well put simply… it’s not here in this garage with me right now so… fuck it!

Anyway here are some links for upcoming spark-lab endeavors:

Drawing concepts/techniques – workshops for teenagers:

Collaborative multidisciplinary performance/installation workshop for teachers (with Kieron Broadhurst):

Also Kudos to Shan Turner-Carroll who won 1st prize! Shit-Sikkk work. Admittedly when I was first given the selected artists packs of participants (to familiarize myself for workshop purposes) his work immediately stood out to me as it was on par with more recent concept designs of mine. Yay to picking a winner!