Starting with the Major Arcana

after seeing the tarot experiments of Oliver Hibert, I was reminded of, for how long I have been wanting to design my own tarot deck (I also want to do it as a collaborative project with multiple artists too, but that’s a whole other venture). Anyway, so I decided that now is a better time than any. They’re not all complete yet and they’re only poor quality phone photos (have had a string of immense technical disasters but that too is an entirely different story) but you get the gist. There’s currently 2 versions of ‘the lovers’ card. I may colour them down the track but at the moment I’m focusing on contrast and chiaroscuro (haha a term I had almost forgotten, despite always using it)


the perfect seed

weightless she, permeating through a fold
dispersing the saliva of a postmodern toad
burnt acid in his magnet mold
and therein resides a scene to decode
retching gallons
of water gushing down a moonlit road
gallons ethereal
from the glowing hands of miniature souls

blue stepping wild
in the wet caverns of descent

go fly with you


Subpar scans of a selection of sketches of gnawin gnew gnat works for upcoming group show. Come! Linger with some imgs/arts and drink/buy me drinks (cos I’m a poor khunt). However fear not! They are not all as fucked up as these shards (though still fucked up) I have some gentler ones too 😉

Clearing out… so many drawings… many cheap yar yar.. BE GONE WITH THEM. Storage aint no life for no(one/thing). If they don’t sell I will drown them in the river or force them down the throats of homeless people.

Exhibition poster by Ican Harem.

Djilba Flower Explosion



8pm 31/08/13 @ the (william street) bird

End of August. Start of September.

……..Flowers are blooming,
………………..erupting, exploding……………….

————> Sacred Flower Union >>>>>>>
——————–>Basic Mind>>>>>>>
—————->Henry Neil Mcmagic>>>>>>>
—————–Camp Doogs DJS>>>>>

>>>>Brett Murray + Jefferson Burrows + Naynay PB>>>>

We’re fundraising for the artists of Camp Doogs. 5 buckas. Perth, get deep in the wetlands that exist under the pavement. xo


[I will have some moving visuals in ze space… as will Mei Saraswati]

[… yes I have been taking photos of local trees and flora and turning them into mandalas]

[… also putting men (and women) in the moon]

[… here is some eucalyptus]


[… should prob get a job]