(mostly) addicted to face

… urgh some make me cringe like a motherfucker but I put ‘em there anyway. I don’t know why I always discredited pastels as a worthy medium before (unconscious aversion) I am so in love with them now. Some of the images are documented processes.

I remembered (again) that as kid when I was laying eyes-wide awake in the dark waiting for sleep, I’d see hundreds of faces flash before me – with shifting expressions. Sometimes it still happens if I decide to let it – imagination one might say. Facial expressions are extraordinary things though.

puffy little cloud


Another one of these guys, they were slightly altered and then framed with duct tape for the ‘heil sinatra’ group show before I sold em. Like most of my other works in that show – I didn’t get scans/photos of them in their final states for my own references sake… cos.. well I guess when it comes to order and organization… I misplace ‘em at the best of times.

Shit has been quite arduous recently which is probably why I haven’t been updating this as much as I usually would. Not that I’m not creating (that’s somewhat of a rarity – though there was a lil bit of a lull toward the end of last year).


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where do they come from?

Admittedly I tend to hesitate from using pencils because the emergence of form from all the tonal variation freaks me out. That is namely because I rarely ever draw from references or with a subject in mind… it more so emerges itself and I follow it and bring it out accordingly. And I guess in turn that means it exists purely as a subconscious reflection… probably why I find it unsettling… given the nature of circumstances. Bah whatever… insert picture.


go fly with you


Subpar scans of a selection of sketches of gnawin gnew gnat works for upcoming group show. Come! Linger with some imgs/arts and drink/buy me drinks (cos I’m a poor khunt). However fear not! They are not all as fucked up as these shards (though still fucked up) I have some gentler ones too ;)

Clearing out… so many drawings… many cheap yar yar.. BE GONE WITH THEM. Storage aint no life for no(one/thing). If they don’t sell I will drown them in the river or force them down the throats of homeless people.

Exhibition poster by Ican Harem.